Rabu, 30 November 2011

Bye November . . .

 (OMG !! what day is it today ?? Less than 3 days to Siluet Memory 1st 
in December yeay :D can't wait !! )

Jane's day in November :
> Fun, but a little bit boring -__-
> Sometimes make a mistake especially to my parents, my friends, and others.
> I guess, I seemed to forget God :( Forgive me God . . .
> I was look a conceited person
> Make the same mistake

and many more . . . 

things i need to do in December :
> Be better
> Exams
> Prepare my self for Christmas
> Prepare for Siluet Memory 1st in 3th December ^o^

Today closed with a lot of experience. But the most memorable in my opinion, when I received so much motivation of life from my classmates in college. Many things that he shared with us especially on youth issues at this time. But the most impressive thing about happiness. Are you already happy and calm? Hmm it seems like i need talk more about my life to my friend . . . :)

picture : Minwoo in Boyfriend MV - Boyfriend

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  1. hopefully u can do everything u wanna do in December