Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

Celebes Excursion Study (CES) 2013

Holla blogger :D I'm so happy to post something in my blog again. How are you guys ? Hmm it's seems I had long been posted about tourism object. Fortunately, some time ago, exactly 5-7 January 2013,  I and my friends in our collage followed excursion study as the implementation of our course English For Tourism. In this excursion study we visited, Dutungan Island in Barru, Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park in Maros and the capital city of South Sulawesi Makassar. In Dutungan Island we enjoyed a beautiful view of the beach, unfortunately, when we arrived there,  heavy rain flushed Barru so we were not able to enjoy the view. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our trip, and most importantly, have fun at Trans Studio Makassar. Because I am lazy to write so I just wanted to post pictures of our current tour. Enjoyed :D

( Here we are ^.^ Class B, English Department ' 10 UKI Toraja)

( with my BF, Jezzicha )

( Dutungan Island, Barru, South Sulawesi)