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Jane Supriani. October 14th 1992. Makale, Toraja, South Sulawesi. Love pink, green, blue. Jesus Christ. Catholic girl, and I pround of it. KTMers. Simply, dreamer, nerdy girl, glasses. Like calmness. Pasture, beach, flower garden are my favorite place. Watching TV, take a walk, culinary, reading, photography, writing, blogging, and many more things that make me love this life.  I am a big fans from : Josh Hutcherson, Skandar Keynes, Taylor Lautner, Petra Sihombing and Benyamin Joshua. The best things I had from this last 3 years was him, Jefri. I'm proud to be his girl. He always treat me like a princess even though now we are in LDR time  but I know he will always the same. This is a diary blog from random activity in my life hope u enjoy it. I am not a perfect person but I am limited edition

" This is me, Just me"

thank you for read ^^ love u all
owner Jane Supriani