Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2016

Really ?? Is it 2016 ?

I'm back !! Omg, this is 2016, dan baru muncul lagi ?? No, wait !! 2 tahun ninggalin rumah ini berarti ya ?? It's long time no see u my blog and my dearest friends :))

Berhubung sekarang back to routines (read : unemployment) haha akhirnya bisa ngutak-ngatik rumahku dulu setelah tadi diawali dengan insiden lupa password dan email.

I'm gonna start again to write here and post some good things. Hope u all like it. Hmm . . I'm thinking to post my boyfriend's  poem and short story in this blog, so this blog belongs the two of us. You must take a look guys because his poem and short story are so adorable :)) Sttttt . . I'm gonna tell u a secret, I'm gonna make a trip and soon you can see what's going on :))  See u next time