Rabu, 23 November 2011

Wonderful Toraja : Lemo Tourism Object Part II

 (wooden statue of the craftsmen of Toraja, can be also found in this place, 
and you can buy it as souvenirs. The price is relatively cheap)
(the craftsmen who are making wooden sculptures)
 (my sissy again XD background : rice fields)
(Toraja spare coins in the past)
 (armor of  Toraja people in the past. so unique made from bamboo)

So, what do you waiting for ? let's visit Toraja as your alternative vacation in holiday :) in December, the government will hold an annual event called Lovely December. These events will hold throughout of December, which contains the Toraja cultural performances, such as traditional dances, traditional food, greening activities, etc and will conclude with fireworks :D Toraja wait for you guys . . see you there :) . . .

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