Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Final Exam Tomorrow !! Omigot

Tomorrow, at my college final exams will begin !!!!
oh no! I haven't prepared myself properly. The materials I need to learn very much. There is also material that I have not mastered it well. How is my fate tomorrow? I hope tomorrow, there is a chance to see the book hihi (the characteristics of students who don't know the rules) and I also hope that lecturers who supervised me tomorrow generously allowed me to work with my friend

Althought my preparation a little bit, I still believe going through final exams well and I hope the results are good
So far I've learned well, hopefully tomorrow I can answer all questions correctly. Hmm. . . but there is some material that makes me confused, such as Past Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Tense, and Future Continuous Tense. I'm confused with the patterns and examples given by my lecturers. My lecturers just gave an example sentence, then the explanation which she gave, we don't understand. I do not know why maybe because the lecturers is too fast in explaining.

Hmm. . . I hope it all goes well tomorrow. Amen 
time to learn hihihi . . . 
Good Night all

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