Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Not Important ( About a heavy heart )

hi bloggers, my posting this time is not so important. because it is the outpouring of my heart today. I don't know want to talk to anyone so I wanted to write it on my blog. and you can guess this is about feelings to someone. 

my heart is very sad .. hiks hiks :(
why until now I can't forget him? every moment must be remembered. Though he clearly belonged to someone else. Why do I still miss him?
Lord, help me forget him, I can not keep this up, a lot of things I should do, but the shadow of my mind that he was still there
Why am I hard to hate him? Remember when he hurt you with his attitude! Is unbelievably annoying isn't it?
or I still have feeling to him. I also don't know and don't understand all this.

Jealousy! this is what I feel now. So easy he forgot me, even though I really love him
My heart was wounded, when he finds out that he started dating again. how could he throw me out of his life 
Don't want to anymore I believe in all your affection
Don't want again I touched on all of your confession
You would not understand this pain
lies from your sweet mouth
you go out of my life
take all the guilt
you go out of my life
please bring me your secrets that do not want to know
just hope one day I didn't experience this again. I am really hurt

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