Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011

Note for Today

Why when I'm sad, no one is willing to accompany me? I was wrong, I know it. But does everything must be be solved with angry? I think something's not done if it was just angry. So I kept trying to silence, because this was all I could do. . . 

Lord, help me through this. I know God will help me. God, I also hope there is someone willing to accompany me when I'm sad or happy. I always hope that person is he who is always in my mind. But, I know he's probably not for me. I just an ordinary girl who long for a prince to dance with me. God, if he indeed for me, nearness us, but if he's not for me, make me forget what had happened to my heart. I don't want to constantly exist in the shadows of someone who never thought of me.

Lord, forgive all the mistakes I've done. Show me the way I should go through. I know God will make something beautiful in it's time.

Amen . . .

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